Beyond 4.0 & The Urge For Digital Transformation

8 Απριλίου 2020

Going through unprecedented challenging times it is urgent to turn digital in order to protect ourselves and to handle the new reality. Digital transformation in multiple levels seems at the moment the only path to unlock the future by creating compatible tools with human needs that constantly change. Now that life science matters more than ever before it is crucial to track the technologies that influence it. That’s why we continue unhindered the preparations for Beyond 4.0, because this innovative exhibition aims to enhance digitalization process by highlighting and revealing new trends in several technology sectors, such as Biotech, Digital health and AI. We stay home and we prepare Beyond 4.0!



Why Beyond 4.0?

How do the aspects of the digital transformation interact with contemporary social norms that ultimately shape the future we live in? “Old spiritual and philosophical questions are now practical engineering decisions which you cannot escape” as best stated by Yuval Noah Harari. As such, Beyond 4.0 is born in Greece – in Thessaloniki, at the foot of Mountain Olympos – to enlighten this very discussion once again from its ancestors. It’s our responsibility to have a deep understanding of the times we’re living in; and we cannot know them unless we harness the technologies that shape our present. Only then we can make sustainable choices for our future.



Beyond 4.0 map


Flip through BEYOND 4.0!






Author: newsroom

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